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Default :-) Goodbye world

SB here.
Been in this world for years and believe that we're approaching an end to Big Data generation. Tried out the idea on many scientists and haven't found disagreement yet.

Goodbye world
:-) but in a nice way ... ... ...

(simple summary of the general idea in 'General' below)

Not rocket science, fairly obvious really - but paradigm collapsing with a nod to the lovely John Sulston's Nobel prize-winning research alongside that other (slightly more famous) SB.

Anybody remember this ?
"Consistent with his lifelong reputation as a visionary and provocateur, Brenner challenged a crowd of over 250 bioinformaticists gathered at the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus in Hinxton, UK, to "forget the genome.""
Well, the 'omics landscape is anything but dull.

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