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Default Alternatives to Pippin Prep for ddRAD?

My lab is interested in doing population connectivity/phylogeography on herps, and think that ddRAD is probably the best NGS option for us (since we don't need as many loci as for other projects, and we would rather have more overlap between samples). However, the Pippin Prep is a bit over our price range. I know that part of the point of ddRAD is that the size selection window is very precise, which is where the Pippin Prep comes in, but has anyone had success doing ddRAD with bead or manual gel size selection? Or somehow lowering the cost of the Pippin Prep, maybe by making their own gels?

Alternatively, would anyone suggest a different RAD method for our analyses (we've also been considering RAD-PE, from Etter et al. 2011)?

Just starting out with NGS, any advice would be appreciated!
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