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Default Anyone have rec's for fast-turnaround MiSeq service?

I'm currently generating about a plate of 16S samples every 2 months, prepping and mixing them myself, and submitting to my university core facility (who shall remain nameless...).

Everything is working well, but the turnaround is about 25 days, thus hampering my decisions on what experiment to do next. I've already put out a few quote requests for services offering 2 x 250bp MiSeq sequencing of prepared libraries, have got a couple hits back, but I'm wondering if anyone here can recommend anyone? Sometimes their websites aren't always the best, and I've had a few not get back to me.

Could be private company, university, whatever as long as the turnaround is closer to a week (or less!) and the cost isn't *too* much higher than what we're paying now.

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