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Default PacBio, SMART, assembly problem of de novo small genome


I am very new here and I don't have mach experience with bioinfo and sequencing.

I need your help because i recently send the DNA of one bacteria to be sequence by PacBio technology and i asked the sequencing company that I want a de novo genome assembly.

At the beginning they send a report in witch they imply that my DNA was contaminated before sequencing. As i told them that priory to send them the DNA I dis an 16S sequencing with another company and all was good, they replay that is their mistake and they will re-assembly the genome again.

Now I just got their new report and is a mess. (I am attaching the report).

I don't even know what to ask from them anymore. Insted of one circular genome I have one non-circular chromosome and 7!!!!! plasmids.

Any of your advise will be very welcomed.Results 1.jpg

Results 2 (1).jpg
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