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Default Hello from Davis, CA

Hi all,
My name is Erick Loomis and I'm a Genetics grad student at UC Davis. I'm a long time creeper and relatively new poster here. I'm a wet-lab molecular biologist by training, but I'm also a huge nerd for DNA sequence. I currently study the trinucleotide repeat expansion that causes Fragile X Syndrome, and that has limited the amount of sequencing I could do prior to the next-next-generation long-read sequencers. I've had a lot of success with the PacBio RS for long repetitive sequences, but I'm also a big fan in general of DNA sequence as a readout for molecular experiments. In my spare time, I like to clumsily install bioinformatics packages on my macbook by blindly using "configure, make, sudo make install". I'm comfortable and somewhat competent with the unix shell and perl, and somewhat less so, for now, python and R. I'm exceedingly grateful for the SEQanswers community and especially the patience of programmers in dealing with my questions about why the program they gave me for free doesn't do exactly the thing I want it to on the first try.

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