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For what it's worth, I've exported this from our local ensembl database. the last two digits tell you the reference version, the two digits before that are the ensembl version.

reference version 36, if I recall correctly, is hg18, reference 37 is hg19.

| homo_sapiens_core_38_36
| homo_sapiens_core_40_36b
| homo_sapiens_core_49_36k
| homo_sapiens_core_50_36l
| homo_sapiens_core_51_36m
| homo_sapiens_core_52_36n
| homo_sapiens_core_53_36o
| homo_sapiens_core_54_36p
| homo_sapiens_core_55_37
| homo_sapiens_core_56_37a
| homo_sapiens_core_57_37b
| homo_sapiens_core_58_37c
| homo_sapiens_core_59_37d
| homo_sapiens_core_60_37e
| homo_sapiens_core_61_37f
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