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Default variant filtering of mouse whole exome sequencing

hi, I have general question here about exome sequencing variant filtering.
I have generated mouse exome variants data from several samples using my pipeline including BWA alignment, samtools, picard and then GTAK. Also i got variant annotation table using Annovar.

However, I was struck here since I have biology background with not computer program skills before. First I need to filter variants by using public resource dbsnp or variant data. I have downloaded variant data from Sanger which has variants callings from 17 mouses. however, i do not know how to start to filter these data using it. I have tried with Annovar but it did not work on non-human data.

Second, I have variant data from several different samples but how i use these data to filter variants? Is there good open resource that I just need to input my variant data and it can help me to filter these data?

I found this SNP & Variation Suite from Golden Helix website. Anyone has used it and if it works just for human data too?


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