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Default 16S Metagenomics Kit for Ion Torrent

Has anyone in this forum tried out the 16S Metagenomics Kit for Ion Torrent and then if so, did you try to analyze the data with Qiime?

I previously had analyzed Ion Torrent data using Qiime and the Brazilian Microbiome Project pipeline:

however this kit makes use of 7 primers and sequencing 7 variable regions.
16S primer set V2-4-8 (300 L)
16S primer set V3-6,7-9 (300 L)

So my previous pipeline won't quite work with this. Has anyone tried this and used Qiime for the analysis?

Life Tech delivers a software pipeline along with this for the analysis but I am curious to find someone that has tried it out and was able to get good results?

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