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Default Ion 16S Metagenomic Kit

Dear all,

We have been using the Ion 16S Metagenomic kit since the beginning of the year. We have used the kit numerous times on mock bacterial communities and have been able to successfully identify all the microbial populations in our mock communities. On the 316 v2 chip we typically get between 65-80% loading with 58-68% usable reads. This enables us to multiplex 3-4 samples together with coverage depths >400x. We have also used the kit to perform human oral microbiome profiling with great success. However, it should be noted that the library prep steps are quite labor intensive and may not be the best option for diagnostic applications. We currently use the fusion method for our library preps using V1-2, V4, and V7-8 fused primer sets. We continue to use the Ion Reporter 16S metagenomic workflow for our analysis, because frankly my bioinformatics skills are rather limited and the Ion Reporter workflow is very intuitive and user friendly. We edited the default parameters to cater to our unique workflow after consulting with some bioinformatics specialists from Life Tech.
In summary, I would say if you are not too worried about turn around time or extensive lab work then the 16S metagenomic kit works very well, but for diagnostic labs I would advise you employ the the fusion approach to circumvent the hassles of adapter ligation and repetitive purification steps.
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