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Default Recruiting Full-time researcher to Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen Univ.

Zhongshan School of Medicine (SYSU-SOM) in Guangzhou, China, was established in 1866. As the oldest school of western medicine of China, SYSU-SOM is proud to stand among the top nationwide. SYSU-SOM owns the largest comprehensive healthcare system in China, including 5 general and 3 specialized hospitals and 13 branch community hospitals. A number of medical disciplines such as Clinical Medicine, Biology & Biochemistry, Molecular Biology & Genetics have been ranked top 1% in the world by the ESI system. Two State Key Laboratories (Cancer, Ophthalmology) and 1 National Center for Drug Clinical Research Trials are three national level research centers accredited to SYSU. With over 151 million dollars government research funding annually and over a thousand internationally published papers, including those published in Cell, Science, NEJM, Nature Medicine, Lancet and other top journals, SYSU-SOM represents one of the best research-oriented medical education institution in the country.

We are inviting outstanding young scientists to join some research group in SYSU-SOM. Appointed personnel will receive generous salary, perform cutting edge scientific research, and are encouraged to develop and pursuit their own research interests. Excellent candidates can directly apply for position of associate professor or professor.

I. Directions

1. Mutations spectrum identify and its regulation mechanism

Chen X, Chen Z, Chen H, Su Z, Yang J, Shi S, He X. Nucleosomes suppress spontaneous mutations base-specifically in eukaryotes. Science. 2012

Chen X, Yang JR, Zhang J. Nascent RNA folding mitigates transcription associated mutagenesis. Genome Res, in press.

2. Systems Biology oriented research on the functional and evolutionary impacts of stochastic errors, such as protein misfolding/misinteraction and random cell death

Zhang J and Yang JR. Determinants of the rate of protein sequence evolution. Nature Review Genetics. 2015

Yang JR, Chen X, Zhang J. Codon-by-codon modulation of translational speed and accuracy via mRNA folding. PLoS Biology. 2014

Yang JR, Ruan S, Zhang J. Determinative developmental cell lineages are robust to cell deaths. PLoS Genetics. 2014

II. Positions

1. Research fellow: under the age of thirty-eight, PhD; have more than four publications; RMB 300,000 to 360,000 per year.
2. Associate research fellow: under the age of thirty-eight, PhD; have more than two publications; RMB 190,000 to 250,000 per year.
3. Assistant research fellow: under the age of thirty-five, PhD; RMB 140,000 to 160,000 per year.
4. Postdoctoral fellows: under the age of thirty-five, PhD; RMB 120,000 or 160,000 per year.

III. Requirements (The one meets any requirement can apply for)

1. Background in molecular biology, cell biology and Bioinformatics.
2. Interdisciplinary background, such as physics, IT, mathematics, and interested in the study of Systems Biology.
3. Those with experimental experience on mice and stem cell are of higher priority.
4. Those with experience on computational analyses of high-throughput experimental data are of higher priority.

Please submit a complete CV, research statements to e-mail:

Directions of Mutations spectrum:Dr. Chen
Systems Biology:Dr. Yang

For more information please refer to (in Chinese):
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