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Originally Posted by cement_head View Post

Initially SAGE marketed the PippinPrep, and later the BluePippin. These were targeted at two different size selection schemes (90 - 1500 bp) and BP for large fragments. Recently, the BluePippin has been listed as now being able to do fragments starting from 100 bp upwards to 50 Kbp.

Here's my question: Does the BluePippin now do everything that the PippinPrep can do? Or are there resolution/recovery differences between the two, even though they are listed as being able to recovery virtually the same size fragments?

Insight from people who either have both, or have used both is most welcome.

We purchased a BluePippin long ago and it has always had the ability to resolve both long and short fragments, dependent upon which gel cassette and program was run. What the BluePippin has that the regular PippinPrep doesn't is the ability to perform Pulse Field Electrophoresis for resolution of larger molecules.
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