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Default bioanalyzeR: New R package for data from the Agilent Bioanalyzer and TapeStation

I wrote an R package for importing electrophoresis data from the Agilent Bioanalyzer and TapeStation and graphing the results with ggplot2 or analyzing them in more depth:

package on GitHub

One particular application is for sequencing library QC, where the variable of interest is the size distribution of your sample by molarity, but the Agilent software only shows you total fluorescence, which is proportional to mass instead of molarity and therefore gives you a misleading representation.

For example, here's the same library shown with fluorescence vs. log-scaled molecule length (analogous to the Agilent software's display) and then with molarity/bp vs. linear-scaled length (so area under the curve is molarity):

And the package includes a function to automatically calculate the molar ratio of good inserts to bad adapter dimers in Illumina sequencing libraries.

This is a work in progress so I would be grateful for any feedback.
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