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Yes "/usr/local/genome/bin/consed" exist.

This is what I receive when I lunch it manually:

antony@ubuntu:~/Desktop/CONSED/edit_dir$ /usr/local/genome/bin/consed -sff2PhdBall ../sff_dir/HBY09XS02.default.RL2.sff -phdBall ../phdball_dir/phd.ball.1
-sff2PhdBall will be run.
no ~/consedrc file so no user resources will be used--that's ok
no consedrc file so no project-specific resources--that's ok
couldn't open readOrder.txt--that's ok
complementing LoxP because it is not palindromic
not complementing linker because it is palindromic
extracting all reads from sff file ../sff_dir/HBY09XS02.default.RL2.sff
Now processing sff file ../sff_dir/HBY09XS02.default.RL2.sff
number_of_reads = 175771
.....Segmentation fault (core dumped)
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