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Originally Posted by steven View Post
Potentially interesting info could be:

Name of the analysis tool
Source: company name, institute
Price: free or $oft
Supported machines (platform)
OS: Linux, Mac, Windows, public web based platform..
GUI: none (command line), yes, web-based, with genome browser..
Input: raw image, fastq reads, alignment files, BED files..
Output: numbers, tables, graphs, Excel sheets..
Ref (papers, if any)
Base calling: Y/N + method
Read alignment: Y/N + method
Read assembly: Y/N + method
SNP calling: N/Y + method
Genomic variations, etc: Y/N + method
Gene expression: Y/N + method (RPKM, etc)
Other features

Thoughts, comments? Anybody else interested?
Additional suggestions before starting the table? (a new thread in the service providers section i guess?)
Much of what you quote below is what is in the software Wiki. A separate Wiki for paid sequencing & analysis services could be useful, but duplicative effort should be minimized. I would lump actual sequence production with software services; many organizations offer both (either directly or as a pass-through).

For example, if something is a service then the OS & GUI seem pretty irrelevant questions. Perhaps you do want to include free services, but then only the web-based ones and not anything that requires installation locally beyond getting the right common accessories (Java runtime, Flash, etc)

If as a Wiki, rather than a bunch of Y/N it would probably make more sense to have a compact (but expandable) set of keywords with agreed meaning. Those might be in larger categories (again, the software Wiki is a good model to start with).
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