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Default Illumina MiSeq file size/downstream analysis question

At my lab We are starting to organize all of the infrastructure we will need in our lab for bringing in NGS. We will be doing a 15kb panel on the MiSeq using v3 reagents. We will be generating ~10-15Gb of sequence per run.

Our downstream analysis will be in CLC Biogenomics workbench. It is my understanding that we will demultiplex our MiSeq files, import them into the workbench software on our custom tower, and process from there.

Is there anyone who has experience with the workflow of CLC genomics workbench from the Illumina platforms? Our analysis computer will have ~4TB of storage, and we were thinking of obtaining ~10-15 TB of network storage.

In addition to the 15Gb of MiSeq data, is there any way to estimate the size and number of files that we will generate in CLC while we work towards the final VCF?

Sorry for the long winded question. Any information will help greatly
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