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Originally Posted by flyinglotus View Post
We will probably be performing 4-5 runs a month, with room for growth. We have not necessarily thought about archive storage yet, but the MiSeq itself has a 750gb HD. I don't feel comfortable keeping all of the data for a given month/few months on that, so I imagine we will clean it out periodically and put this data into network HD storage. How much extra data/file sizes are produced downstream? I imagine we won't duplicate the MiSeq files before. moving them to the analysis environment.

Thanks for the insight.
The MiSeq software can, and SHOULD be configured to copy its data to a network storage device as it is collected. There is no need for manual moving of the data. The network storage device you set up to receive the data should be fault tolerant (i.e. some type of RAID configuration) and ideally from there a second, archival copy is made immediately after the run.
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