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Have you tried talking to the staff at your core to find out why the turnaround is so long? I doubt their MiSeq is being used to capacity, so there must be a specific spot where it's being held up.

My guess would be reagent ordering, as that can take a while between business office approval and Illumina shipping. The core I work in doesn't always keep 500v2 or 600v3 kits on hand - if they knew in advance of your experiment they could have reagents ordered. QC should take a few days to a week if they batch qpcr runs, so that as soon as QC is completed they can load immediately. The only other potential slowdown is analysis if they're doing anything beyond fastq generation or if they're extremely booked. Maybe staffing if the core is small but offers a lot of services, in which case you're absolutely right and the best way to hit your turnaround goal is to find a new provider.
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