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Hi Anna

We've used Oragene for NGS on both the Ion Torrent and Illumina systems (GAII and HiSeq2000), both targeted and whole genome and we didn't have any problems. We always extract using prepIT-L2P (formerly Oragene Purifier), an EtOH precipitation-based method, and we don't have problems with protein contamination.

Are you assessing protein contamination by 260/280 ratio? If so, you should be able to obtain 1.7 or higher in most cases with a prepIT-L2P extraction. Column-based extraction like prepIT-C2D or various Qiagen kits might give you a bit higher ratio (1.75 or 1.8) but you'll sacrifice yield and, in my experience, it's not necessary to use column extractions for NGS.

Mike Tayeb
Manager, Technical Support
DNA Genotek (manufacturers of Oragene)
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