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Is it correct to think of the cost per base savings as tied to the reductions in consumable costs due to the new 2 channel sequencing method?
That may be partly true but we have no real idea of what the manufacturing costs for Illumina are for any of these reagents. Since they are the sole suppliers they get to set the price. They can make the market move (e.g. by making HiSeq reagents more expensive) in direction they want. Ultimately everyone is sensitive to pricing since customers always want to pay the least they can get away with.

Are the small and medium labs phasing out their HiSeqs?
I would say no. It gives them flexible platform to move things around as needed. Not all core labs get to make libraries for customers and putting an unknown mix of customer libraries on an expensive NovaSeq run is a big risk. With introduction of NovaSeq SPrime flowcell Illumina is making things more flexible and trying to get people to move to NovaSeq platform.
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