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Default Tutor wanted for remote sessions

Posted this in Bioinformatics too:

Hi everyone,

I was looking for a tutor that would be willing to sit down for a few one hour long sessions, once or twice a week. These sessions would be to explain and walk me through a few important concepts involved in genome assembly (de novo, and via reference). We would be working with publicly available data sets in a linux environment over gtalk/skype.

It would be ideal to have someone that has a considerable amount of industrial experience in bioinformatics with a broad understanding of computational biology.

I would be willing to pay a reasonable rate via paypal or any other agreed medium! I'm on Pacific standard time, and am available weekends or late evenings.

A few sample questions--if you can answer these off the top of your head you're in great shape:

1. What is a k-mer value?
2. How big and what are the file formats generated from a illumina hi-seq machine at 30x coverage? (for e. coli...)
3. How are data sets trimmed? (popular programs to do so)

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