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Talking how to create output directory folder on velvet

Hi all, i'm new here. I already download velvet 1.2.10. After I extract that file, I store it at Desktop/BioTool/velvet.

I try to follow all the command as what manual wrote. The manual wrote like this:

> make
> ./velveth
> ./velvetg
> ./velveth sillyDirectory 21 -shortPaired data/test_reads.fa
> ./velvetg sillyDirectory

I wrote command like this:

aconty@aconty-VirtualBox:~$ echo `export PATH=$PATH:~/Desktop/BioTool/velvet` >> ~/.bashrc

aconty@aconty-VirtualBox:~$ > make
aconty@aconty-VirtualBox:~$ > ./velveth
aconty@aconty-VirtualBox:~$ > ./velvetg
aconty@aconty-VirtualBox:~$ > ./velveth my_velvet_output 21 -shortPaired data/J99.fa
my_velvet_output: command not found

How do I create an output folder? Please help me.
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