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So, correct me if I'm inferring the wrong thing, but the figure from the paper you link to is saying that incomplete lysis results in some of the RNA fractionating with debris that is removed from the RNA prep?

Do you think you got sufficient lysis? Insects often have cleavage sites in their large ribosomal sub-unit RNAs that result in cleavage products the same, or nearly the same length as the small ribosomal sub-unit RNA. We don't think twice if we see this result from insect RNA.

But you seemed concerned about differences in the yields of small RNA products. (Or, what I presume are small RNA products. You don't provide sizing information for the bands.) Unfortunately gels only give you so much information. Unless someone who has run a lot of gels on RNA obtained from the fat bodies of insects happens by the forum, you are unlikely to get actionable answers.

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