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I ve been having a problem with emPCR as well with the enrichment step. I used the same reagents and one LV oil from the same kits to process two different samples. During the enrichment step, there has been a bit of a problem in washing away of the sequencing beads "6-10" times that are not bound to the enrichment beads.

one sample was enriched and processed fine during this stage, only requiring about 10 washes until no more white sequencing beads were being washed out. The second sample however kept releasing the unbound white beads even after 30-40 washes. The input of the library I put into emPCR was very low so I know this was probably not due to having too much template to start with. Anyone having this similar problem or can speculate as to why this may be? This has happened to a few of other samples as well.. thanks!
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