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Originally Posted by GenoMax View Post
You should be able to use "Table Browser" from UCSC or BioMart tool from Ensembl for getting this info. See example filter below. I am using "Uniprot GeneName" filter for this example. Substitute with the appropriate Gene Name filter you are looking for.
yeah, thanks. I got nearly all my necessary features.

Originally Posted by GenoMax View Post
You will need to subtract the "start" value from the "end" to get the length. You can easily export the table in "csv" format from BioMart and then edit in excel.
As for "feature length", I am a little confused. Your suggestion above is ok for "gene feature length", but what about "protein_coding feature" or "transcript feature"? Your method will include length of introns. In a rna-seq analysis with NOISeq, the feature length we provided doesn't mean the length of corresponding transcript? And if I want the transcript length feature, how do I get the file of length feature for all transcripts?

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