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Default noiseq, where to download hg19 gene feature length?

Dear all
This might be a very native question but I really want to find out the answer ASAP.
I am trying to use Noiseq tool on human genomic data and would like to supply the function with the file of gene feature length. (the initial hg19 gtf file I downloaded was from USCS) and the gene counts are in gene symbol format. i.e.

Does anyone which site I can use to directly download the gene length table, such as
Gene-ID Length
"A1BG" 2543
"A1BG-AS1" 248
"A1CF" 669

*I fabricated the length in the example just to show what format I am looking for.
Also, does any noiseq user believe the gene length information is really important?

Thanks a lot
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