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Hi colindaven,

DEIVA is extremely easy and fast to install - please have a look at "Deploying DEIVA with your own data" in the GitHub readme. There are no server dependencies or plug-ins needed, just clone the gh-pages repo and replace the example data with your own data. If you just want to quickly look something up, this is even easier, in that case you can just drop your own file onto the "Drop your own data here" button; it is safe, no data is sent anywhere, everything stays client side.

Compared to DEGUST: DEIVA is the only tool that has gene lookup. This is great for looking up lists of marker genes or any gene list of interest. It is also far easier to use than DEGUST in my opinion. The aim behind DEIVA was to make it as easy to use as, say, Google mail.

Pros of DEGUST: it has more functionality than DEIVA. But again, the motivation to create DEIVA was to make a tool for identifying and looking up genes as easily as is possible, so that bioinformaticians can communicate and share their results with domain experts easily while meeting user expectations (easy to understand and use like any other web app, mobile device support), being scalable to very large projects, and secure.

If you want more functionality than what DEIVA provides, I recommend setting up something like Gene Pattern by Broad Institute (, this requires some heavy lifting though. Their Multiplot module is somewhat similar to DEIVA, but again: without gene lookup as fas as I can see.

We are working on a manuscript where we also compare DEIVA to several other tools in a feature matrix.
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