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Originally Posted by LVAndrews View Post
We acquired our Fragment Analyzer from AATI in March 2018. We primarily use it for NGS library QC (sizing) and to collect RIN values for RNA extracts. At first it was splendid, but within a few months, the data became somewhat unreliable. If a sample looked bad, we could run it again in the same well or a different well and get completely different results. We tried adjusting our maintenance schedule but it didn't seem to help. I replaced the array but it didn't help. Numerous calls and email to Agilent/AATI tech support didn't help.

Our field engineer was here a couple of months ago and went through the instrument, finding little to be concerned about. I asked him to watch us set up a run to make sure we were not doing anything incorrectly. He was satisfied with our procedure and helped us improve our maintenance procedures. However, the instrument continues to yield inconsistent results. This is maddening since we are doing everything according to protocol. I have operated 3730 and 3130 capillary electrophoresis instruments for years without such issues.

As it is, I find the cost of running a sample to be about 3x what it should be due to reruns and constant maintenance.

Has anyone else faced similar challenges with the Fragment Analyzer?

Your description sounds very familiar. Our core went through much the same with our Fragment Analyzer: unexplained failures followed by perfect runs, repeated communication with Tech Support with no resolution, etc. We grew so fed up we ditched the thing and now use an Agilent 4200 TapeStation. (Agilent bought out AATI around the time we were at our wits end so they were willing to work with us.) Difference between the Fragment Analyzer and TapeStation is night and day. Far more reliable, plus the analysis software is so much better also. (I have no relationship with Agilent, this is all just personal opinion.)
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