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Today I modified the electrophoresis conditions, specifically the injection component. Our software has the injection occur for 5 seconds at 3kV for the standard sensitivity NGS kit (DNF-473). I increased this to 10 seconds at 4kV. I also made a 0.1% Tween solution and make the prep as per the protocol (22uL marker + 2uL sample), then add 26uL 0.1% Tween, seal/vortex/centrifuge. Data looked perfect for the next two runs.

Tomorrow I will try the same thing with the standard sensitivity RNA kit (DNF-471). The injection parameters for RNA in the software were 5kV for 5sec. I have increased this to 5.5kV for 10 seconds. I'm optimisitic these changes will allow us to cut down on the amount of marker and sample used in the future which will potentially reduce operating costs given that we have already hemorrhaged too much money to Agilent over this.
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