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Default Transitioning from Previous-Gen to Next-Gen

Hello, everyone.

I learned about this site from reading Keith Robison's Omics Omics blog. This site looks like it will be an excellent resource.

I work at a large biotech company. Our small satellite site has a single ABI sequencer, and I'm very experienced at previous-generation sequencing. My colleagues at our headquarters are experimenting with different next-generation sequencing platforms, and I anticipate that we'll switch over to next-gen sequencing in one to two years.

I rely heavily on BioPerl, and I'm a subscriber to the BioPerl mailing lists. I see that the core developers are beginning to tackle support for next-generation sequencing. I hope to learn from comments here what additional software is being written for managing and analyzing next-generation sequencing.

I plan to attend ISMB 2010 this summer, where it appears there will be sessions and a satellite meeting devoted to next-gen sequencing. Is anyone else going?
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