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Hello again, Elcannibal

Regarding the global presence, we have this as well, which is achievable by using a distributor channel. Regarding the single product: that is why we don’t have only 1 product. We are launching the second sequencer (actually introducing a new automation concept), but having other products as well, and with others in the pipeline.
About the changes happening in the sequencing business with the big guys, you are right. They will struggle with a reduction on sales volumes, and for LIFE, for example, even after selling 700 IT's last year (that’s $35M US revenue) that’s not enough to make up the money they spent on it. And Illumina is very likely not getting the numbers they wish they had with the MiSeq. That’s the advantage we have on being a bunch of small private companies. We are much more flexible and not tied to the need of large quarterly revenues just to keep investors happy. As for the new companies coming up, I believe sequencing still has a lot to go (just think about applying sequencing to the diagnostics market) so most of these companies will still be able to survive in the market for some time and hopefully do some good.
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