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I think an interesting comparison would be to compare a top of the line sequencing center when the human genome was sequenced to now.
Celera sequenced the human genome with 300 ABI Prism 3700 sequencers (according to they cost $300,000 each). It looked like throughput was 10 plates per day and 500 bp per run, so throughput of one machine was 96wells x 10plates x 500bp = 480,000 bp per day x 300 machines = 144 million bps per day for a $90M investment in equipment.

A lab may have a NextSeq 500 ($250k), which can easily give 400M reads of 150 bp = 60 billion basepairs per day.

I haven't delved into the reagent costs for each of those runs, just the initial equipment costs. But a small machine, the kind that can be purchased by a single busy lab or a small core, easily is hundreds of times more powerful than the vast Celera warehouse used to produce the Celera human genome.
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