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Originally Posted by pmiguel View Post
I thought the Nextera XT kit had been discontinued in favor of the Nextera Flex kit?
Anyway, how about using Simone Picelli's Tn5 method for library prep?

Also, what about AmpliSeq? Now it is available on Illumina instruments...

Hi Phillip,

There was some confusion in our lab about this, but it was only the Nextera (not the Nextera XT) kit that was discontinued.

They also discontinued the Nextera XT Index Kit. Now they only sell the Set A/Set B/Set C/Set D Index Kits.

I have attached the original product obsolescence note from Illumina.

We are planning on trying to test Nextera Flex though, since automating the volumes in the kit down to 1/4 reaction will be more feasible than it is for Nextera XT. I don't know if you have figured your costs on full Nextera XT RXNS, but one of our customers routinely asks for 1/4 RXNS. We make successful libraries and they haven't complained about the data yet.

The one issue with Nextera Flex is that it only has 96 index combinations, while Nextera XT has up to 384.

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