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Originally Posted by docsascha View Post
Dear Simone

Thanks for this info, which robot are you using, and how do you deal with magnetic beats separation and shaking, we have seen here some problems on our way for cutting cost

Does anybody have some tips on how to use a more time saving method than Qbit for DNA measurement? We would like to use a plate reader or similar to reduce hands-on time

I use a Tecan Freedom Evo 200 with a 384 head. To save time and avoid (decrease) cDNA losses I don not perform any ethanol wash after binding. I just remove the supernatant and elute the cDNA from the beads. Since I am resuspending the cDNA in 15 ul (and I dilute it even more for the library prep) the leftover salt from the RT/preampl does not affect the efficiency of the downstream reactions.
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