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Originally Posted by 454Sequencing View Post
Hi everyone,

If you've not heard, earlier this week we announced the availability of a new cDNA library preparation protocol. This is a straightforward, general utility transcriptome sequencing method, that takes advantage of an existing Roche ds cDNA synthesis kit and the newly released Rapid Library kit from 454. Importantly, we've also released an updated version of our assembler software that provides powerful de novo transcriptome assembly capabilities.

For more information please contact your local Roche representative or see the following link on the 454 site:

Additionally, customers can have a peek at all the new manuals at the my454 website:

Best regards,
Hi Jason,
thanks for the info!

The normalization (Trimmer cDNA normalization kit) step is still possible between those "ds cDNA synthesis" and "Rapid Library" Roche kits?

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