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Hi dottomarco,
As RJCK mentioned above, there are no current plans to update the SPRIworks System II to cover the 454+ methods. With regards the HiSEQ, our customers in the UK are happy with the comparison with manual (they are as good or better).

I'm sorry to hear about the issues you have had with the SPRIworks system. I know that in the UK we made it clear that we would only support methods validated at time of sale. We cannot be responsible for changes that other vendors make to their protocols and may not always be able to change our methods to be compatible with these updates. Bearing that in mind, we have not had any issues with customers using the SPRIworks and the HiSEQ 2000. We have had some failures in the UK, but this turned out to be errors in the TruSEQ adaptor sequence supplied by some primer vendors. Once that was rectified, the libraries worked fine.
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