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Default ONT MAP - what do you plan to do with it?

The silence on SeqAnswers post the Jaffe talk at AGBT has been deafening, perhaps on account of the wide coverage on Twitter (what has the world come to - assessing scientific results 140 characters at a time? :-).

Anyway, now we know a bit more about what the minion can and cannot do, I was wondering what people who were chosen to participate plan to do with it. The particular application that Jaffe demonstrated does not appear to be of widespread utility, in fact it is downright reminiscent of this, much more so than PacBio back in 2012. People seem to think that the minion is not a particular threat even to PacBio in the short term. If that is the case, it seems that the defining capability is portability and low capex hardware (but very high per Gb price). I am curious how people plan to leverage that.
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