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Default Learning R or Python for genome comparisons

Hi, I'm new here, originally a wetlab microbiologist, now trying to get some bio-informatics skills. So here is my question:

I know that from one bacterial organism Lactobacillus crispatus, a few strains show a certain metabolism whereas other strain are not capable of this metabolism. To get a first clue to which genes are responsible for this metabolism I wanted to search these genomes for genes that are present only in one set of strains but absent in another set of strains.

Preferably, I would like to try to learn a programming language to figure this, and future questions like this, out by myself. I have started learning R using datacamp and coursera John Hopkins course on Next Generation Sequencing.

So what would be the best approach for this? Do you think this would be doable if I commit myself to learning R? Or will this take years to be able to solve? Also, for answering these type of questions, is it better to learn R or Python?

I would really appreciate your suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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