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Default FindPeaks

Just a couple quick notes:

First, thanks for the link to my blog. I'm flattered that people are getting some use from it.

Secondly, I'm actually the developer of the FindPeaks Program. While the development was begun by Matthew Bainbridge in collaboration with Gordon Robertson, the version available on the web contains almost no code in common with Matthew's version. However, Matthew and Gordon still deserve much of the credit for the original approach taken. I can only lay claim to the implementation itself.

And, finally, since I'm posting on the subject, FindPeaks 3.0 will also be released in the near future. (Within days, I hope.) I'll also upload the poster on it (presented at AGBT) at the same time. If you don't mind the quick plug, it has several new features that are useful for Chip-Seq experiments, including "adaptive" distributions, sub-peak separation and noise filtering. If anyone is interested in discussing it, please let me know.


Anthony Fejes
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