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Dear All,

We have now launched our website at

Here, you can access useful resources and information on sequins. For those of you who are now starting to return sequencing libraries containing sequins, this is where you can find all the information you need, including:

1. Useful information - including design descriptions, protocols for using sequins in the laboratory, shipping information, and other handy documentation.

2. Anaquin Software – a software toolkit to analyse sequins. Anaquin is designed to integrate in standard NGS analytical pipelines, work with common bioinformatics tools, and supports standard data formats. A helpful User’s Guide provides detailed information and step-by-step tutorials.

3. Downloads – all the sequences, mixture files, annotations, example data files etc. you need to analyse sequins. These files can be used with Anaquin or with your own bioinformatic tools.

Currently the majority of information is focused on sequins in RNA sequencing, with further information on using sequins in metagenomics, whole genome and cancer genome to be released shortly.

Thanks for your support,
Sequin Team.
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