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Cool PacBio Metagenomics Webinar

Register to Attend: https://programs.pacificbiosciences....1-02-15/42mch8

An ongoing challenge in microbiome research is achieving the taxonomic resolution needed to understand how the gut microbiome impacts human health and disease, and to assess the mechanism and efficacy of microbiome interventions. SMRT Sequencing is now emerging as a solution to this challenge.

Join us to hear from Jeanette Gehrig, Ph.D., Senior Scientist at Siolta Therapeutics, about how her team is leveraging PacBio metagenomic sequencing to achieve:
Strain-level resolution of bacteria from fecal samples.
More functional profiling information with less sequencing data.
Multiple single contig MAGs from fecal samples, multiplexed at 3 samples per SMRT Cell 8M.

Dr. Gehrig will share real world examples, including data from a retrospective clinical trial for a live biotherapeutic product.

Register to Attend: https://programs.pacificbiosciences....1-02-15/42mch8
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