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Originally Posted by apfejes View Post
To answer the part on visualization, I have several tools that create files that are viewable on the UCSC genome browser. or generate a text file showing the aligned reads against the canonical sequence. I now even have a tool for generating post script files of peaks (for Chip-Seq experiments) along entire chromosomes.
The question is really what you're looking for. It's easy to visualize this data, but very hard to create new views that give new insight.
Thanks apfejes
I know of the FindPeaks tool ... the others you mention are available somewhere to download and try?

I am looking to use a few of the short read tools available to see how they perform on the solexa data,. and what tweaks i can learn... but that requires being able to go from their output to something more friendly

next, the visualizations are just a good way to be able to depict data, in case it is feasible
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