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Lightbulb Combining TruSeq and Nextera XT Indices

Hello people,

we usually prepare and run the samples on our MiSeq using the 26 6nt-long i7 TruSeq DNA Indices (formerly TruSeq LT, I think). A colleague want's to add a single sample to one of our runs which was prepared with NexteraXT and uses the Nextera XT Index kit with the 8nt-long i7 and i5 Nextera indices.

Will de-multiplexing still work if we set up the sample sheet with the TruSeq chemistry (so only the first index read)? I already checked that the first 6nt of the Nextera index are unique and not shared by one of our TruSeq indices, so the i5 Nextera index should not matter anyways. So theoretically, I would just have to add the sequence of the Nextera index to the sample sheet.

Does anyone have experience with this and can confirm that it works?

Thanks a bunch!
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