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Again, it's highly dependent on your situation.

You'll need to either buy a ssDNA library kit (usually a minimum 12rxn size) or put something homebrew together based on a published protocol. which means it could range from ~$1000USD having to buy a 12rxn kit for a single sample to ~$20 if you already have the components to homebrew a single rxn sitting in your lab freezer (likely if your lab works with miRNA or ancient DNA, unlikely otherwise).

Unless this is a very complex multiplex pool, you'll see the full library diversity in 100k reads (I don't trust demultiplexing results with fewer than that), but sequencing is by the lane, not the number of reads needed. It's been a few years since I last needed to outsource sequencing, but I'd guess you'd end up paying at least $1000USD to a service provider. If you (or a friend) has access to a sequencer or send out multiplexed pools regularly, you can spike it into the pool at ~<1% and get enough reads to do the needed analysis, in which case it's essentially free.

TL : DR $20-2000 depending on the reagents and infrastructure at hand, plus your time of course
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