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Do you know what is the difference of usage of *_out.padded.fasta and *_out.unpadded.fasta?
As I know *_out.padded.fasta all are lower capital and *_out.unpadded.fasta all are upper capital. Both of them are the exactly same content.
According to *_info_assembly.txt, I try to calculate the figure inside like N50,N90,minimum contig size and maximum contig size,etc based on the *.contig file at "projectname_d_result".
Unfortunately, the figure I find out can't match with the *_info_assembly.txt
Thus I feel quite confusing about the way they calculated N50,N90,etc at *_info_assembly.txt

Originally Posted by BENM View Post
I am using this software, but not familiar. There are *_out.padded.fasta and *_out.unpadded.fasta in the ouput directory of "projectname_d_result". It defined contigs lenth >=500bp are large contigs. So in "projectname_d_info" directory, you can find the information in the file of *_info_assembly.txt.
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