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Originally Posted by edge View Post
Hi sklages,

[...]Besides that, refer to the *_info_assembly.txt at Section "All Contigs". I try to use the *_info_contigstats.txt/contigs.fasta file/*_out.unpadded.fasta to find out the "Total consensus","Number of contigs",etc at Section "All Contigs".
Unfortunately, it can't match with the figure at Section "All Contigs".
Do you have any idea about this problem facing?
It seem like all the figure that I get from the file (*_info_contigstats.txt/contigs.fasta file/*_out.unpadded.fasta) is lesser than the figure at Section "All Contigs"
Well, you are right. I just checked for this as well. N50 and "largest contig" are "correct" (in a sense how I calculated it), all other numbers differ slightly from what I was counting ...

No idea why ..
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