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Default heavily used bionformatics software without publications

Hi all

I am curious to know from the Bioinformatics/Genomics/CompBio research community about popular or heavily used software that are not published?

In my opinion, BBTools from DOE JGI is one of those tools which are not published in journals.

I am sure there are many others depending on the specific research area that the researcher is working on.

You might be asking "what's the motive behind the question" - I generally feel that the research community is very hesitant to adopt tools that are not published AND/OR just published in preprint servers like bioRxiv (e.g. Salmon-SA method).

Take for example the Salmon-SA method referenced above - it would eventually get published soon in peer-reviewed publications. While some researchers are convinced to use the method based on the information in the preprint many others are skeptical to use it till it has been published.

I wanted to know the thoughts of the research community on the above.

Thanks in advance.
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