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Just try to plot the heatmap, do not assign it to hm. Do you see a heatmap?

Originally Posted by zzta View Post
Dear all,

Sorry for reviving the thread, but I have plotted a heat map and was proceeding to tree-cutting.

But the value rowDendrogram was no where to be found when I did:

> hm <- heatmap.2(log_tmm_selected_var_norm[,c(1,7,8,13)], scale='row', trace='none', col=redgreen(225))
> hm$rowDendrogram
> hc <- as.hclust(hm$rowDendrogram)
Error in as.hclust.default(hm$rowDendrogram) : 
  argument 'x' cannot be coerced to class "hclust"character(0)
I am not experienced with R and I keep getting this error. @@
I thought by default the dendrogram will be calculated for both rows and columns (that is why I see them on the device) but the value is absent.

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