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Oh sorry, there should be a bunch of colons in there. That's because I was fooling around with it when I was getting errors earlier about an illegal colon in the optional fields. Here is the real line:

Y71VY:00004:00106 16 chr10 62135255 0 12M * 0 0 GGGGGGGGAGGG 6666666,,'** ZP:B:f,0.0155953,0.00769459,0.0049578 ZM:B:s,266,0,242,0,0,252,0,278,506,0,0,550,262,278,0,0,226,0,260,0,26,38,42,30,104,0,0,0,764,0,0,0,70,0,5224,0,5866,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,120,124,14,122,0,46 ZF:i:28 RG:Z:Y71VY.IonXpress_014 PG:Z:tmap MD:Z:12 NM:i:0 AS:i:12 XA:Z:map4-1 XS:i:12

Does this still look screwed up?
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