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Originally Posted by chadn737 View Post
Biology is not Computer Science and the human body is not a computer that can be so easily disassembled and put back together. People do use imaging technologies to identify cancerous cells. But it is not so simple as you suggest. Even less simple is the removal/elimination of such cells.

If you have a real interest in this, I suggest you takes some time to study Biology and come to grips with just how difficult the whole process is.
I'm sure Biology is quite complex. And I'm not a biologist.

But the whole idea I'm suggesting isn't based on understanding biology as much as it is creating an application that can distinguish between health and unhealthy cells.

I realize that, in the case of cancer, where an organ has been damaged, a computer cannot "rebuild" the lost tissue. But it should certainly be able to target and burn/freeze harmful masses without creating further damage. (obviously with much more success that doctors can do today, bless their hearts)

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