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You should try Strand NGS for UMI protocols.
Strand NGS is the only software to provide comprehensive and end-to-end support for multi Unique Molecular Identifier Protocols

Few features includes:

1. Protocol diversity. Strand NGS supports data analysis from UMI protocols
i. Qiagen GeneRead®
ii. Archer VariantPlex®
iii. Rubicon Thruplex®
iv. Bioo Scientific NextFlex®)
v. A robust interface to specify custom UMIs

2. End-to-end or point-to-point. Users can go from reads to variants, can start at aligned BAMs containing the BC tag, or start/end at any reasonable point in the alignment/analysis workflow.

3. Workflow diversity. Strand NGS supports UMI protocols in DNA-, RNA- and small RNA-Seq workflows

4. Somatic- and UMI-ready visualizations. The genome browser visualizes consensus read lists. Each read contains UMI-related metadata, such as family size, UMI and mate UMI. A filter allows the easy exclusion of wild-type reads. This is useful at high sequencing depths and low allele frequencies, typical of data from somatic/tumor samples.

You could get a 20-day free trial by registering here with your organization email id:
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